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Biotanica, Myrrh, Premium Organic Essential Oil

Biotanica, Myrrh, Premium Organic Essential Oil

Biotanica, Myrrh, Premium Organic Essential Oil - supports microbial health - supports blood circulation - boosts immune system - healthy hair.*

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Product benefits at a glance:
Supports Microbial Health*
Supports Blood Circulation*
Boosts Immune System*
Supports Healthy Hair*
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Our Biotanica, Myrrh, Premium Organic Essential Oil Is:

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Superfood Health Store Customer
Myrrh Oil Review
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on March 22 2020 | Verified Purchase
I've been using this oil as part of a face moisterizing regime.
Superfood Health Store Customer
Interesting scent in home
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on February 21 2020 | Verified Purchase
Great quality and beautiful scent in our new home.
Superfood Health Store Customer
Use with frankincense
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on February 04 2020 | Verified Purchase
We use Myrrh along with francenksense oil has for my sons allergies.
Superfood Health Store Customer
Amazing long lasting scent
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on January 30 2020 | Verified Purchase
Will purchase again. Love the smell.
Superfood Health Store Customer
Myrrh Essential Oil
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on January 17 2020 | Verified Purchase
I'm using this in my diffuser with great results.
Product Description
Commiphora myrrha is small tree with short and thorny branches found in Southern Arabia, Northeast Africa (mainly Somalia) and Northeast Kenya.

Myrrh is the resin produced by the bark's sap of Commiphora myrrha. African myrrh, herabol myrrh, Somali myrrhor, and gum myrrh are a common name for this myrrh resin. Myrrh has been used as a wound support extract, its health applications dating back to Biblical times [1].

Myrrh contains active furanodienes curzerene, furanoeudesma-1,3-diene, and lindestrene, which are primarily responsible for the myrrh aroma [2]. Myrrh is known for its stimulant, pain support, cell calming support, bacteria management and fungus support [3, 4, 5]. Myrrh oil is extracted by steam distillation which is abundant in volatile compounds that exist in complex combinations.

Terpenes, especially sesquiterpene, sesquiterpene lactones, and diterpenes, are rich in myrrh oil which is the main reason for their wide-ranging health properties [6]. Resins are complex mixtures of resin acids, resin alcohols, resin phenols, and their esters. Resins associated with volatile oils are known as oleoresins, resins associated with gums are known as gum-resins, and resins associated with oil and gum are oleo-gum-resins [22]. *

Myrrh may help offer cell and organ calming support, wound and pain support, antioxidant activity and may have mild stimulant acting properties. *
Product Benefits
  • Cell calming and analgesic activities. Scientific evidence suggests that myrrh oil has remarkable cell calming properties. Myrrh oil is harmless, which is why it has a traditional application in supporting various cell calming activities [7]. The cell-calming activities of myrrh were investigated by utilizing the paw edema mice induced by formalin. The result showed that the extract inhibited the development of paw swelling. The remedy effects of the myrrh were stronger at the dose of 100mg/kg, and, consequently, it significantly booosted the levels of cell calming factor Prostaglandin E2 in the edema paw tissue after 4 hours following the formalin injection [8]. The analgesic properties of myrrh oil have been known since ancestry and they are based on the presence of bioactive sesquiterpenes with furanodiene skeletons [19]. *
  • Health properties. Two C21 steroid isomers Z- and E-guggulsterones from the resin have attracted lots of interest for their potent cell mass suporting, cell calming and hypolipidemic properties [9, 10]. The crude extracts of different Myrrha species have been investigated for their antiproliferative effects on cell health. The volatile oil of C. molmol supported the cell growth of human gingival fibroblasts and epithelial cells at concentrations of above 0.0025% and 0.001% [12]. The resin of C. molmol exhibited cell mass activity in mice in vivo. Guggulsterones (active steroids of Myrrha) inhibited the health of a wide variety of human cell lines, including leukemia, multiple myelomas, head and neck carcinoma, lung carcinoma, melanoma, breast carcinoma, ovarian carcinoma and kidney cell challenges [13]. *
  • Antioxidant activity. Singlet oxygen plays a major role in lipid peroxidation and DNA degradation, and it is potentially damaging the cells. The essential oil of C. myrrha exhibited potent singlet oxygen quenching activity better than the control a-tocopherol, manifesting enhanced antioxidant activity [14]. *
  • Stimulant properties. Myrrh is a renowned stimulant that animates the immune system by inducing activation or increasing the activity of its components [11]. *
  • Antimicrobial and Wound SupportBacterial assessment study showed that myrrh extract may provide support of Enterococcus faecalis equal to 2% chlorhexidine. This is due to the bacterial management supporting compounds sesquiterpene and cadinol present in Myrrh. Sesquiterpene interacts with the cell envelopes which in turn leads to the disruption of cell membranes and, thereafter, bacteriolysis [20]. Wound healing is often impaired in diabetic animals and humans. Myrrha oil and resin extract might be effective to support wound health. [22] *
  • Headache Health. A selection of volunteers of different age groups reacted positively to C. myrrha extract with a standardized content of curzerene, furanoeudesma-1,3-diene, lindestrene and furanodiene [19]. The result showed a significant support of headaches in both men and women, and the reduction was obtained with the lowest concentration of the extract (200mg). *
  • Joint Health. Joint pain is often associated with osteoarthritis and it is linked to conditions that affect articular cartilage, subchondral bone, synovium, ligaments, and periarticular muscles. Notably, C. myrrha extract may support health and feeling in joint health [19, 21, 22]. *
Nutritional Profile
More than 300 molecules have been identified in this genus. Monoterpenoids mainly occur in the volatile oil. Monoterpenoids including a-pinene, camphene, b-pinene, myrcene, and limonene have been identified. Sesquiterpenoids with a low degree of oxidation play a dominant role in the volatile oil. b-Elemene, a-copaene, a-humulene, b-selinene and germacrene B are widely distributed sesquiterpenoids in the volatile oil of different Commiphora species.

The structures of sesquiterpenoids from the genus Commiphora are mainly classified into germacrane, eudesmane, guaiane, cadinane, elemane, bisabolane and oplopane groups. The presence of furanosesquiterpenoids is a characteristic of this genus. More than twenty furanosesquiterpenoids covering furanogermacrane, furanoeudesmanes, furanoguaiane, furanocadinane and furanoelemane have been discovered. Diterpenoids mainly exist in form of camphorene, Cembrane, and verticillane.

Triterpenoids are major constituents isolated from Commiphora species, including dammarane, polypodane, octanordammarane, cycloartane, oleanane, lupane, ursane, and lanostane. The steroids with eleven pregnane steroids and nine cholestane steroids are only found in the species. In Commiphora species, many other secondary metabolites are encountered, such as carbohydrates, flavonoids, lignans and long chain aliphatic derivatives.
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Suggested Use
Topical application - 5 drops for chronic wounds.
Interactions & Warnings
Always consult with your doctor or health professional before changing your health regime.
Shelf Life
4 Years from Date of Manufacture.
Store this product in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct light and moisture.



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