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Biotanica, 5-HTP, Premium Extract

Biotanica, 5-HTP, Premium Extract

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Wellness benefits at a glance:
Supports Optimal Mood.*
Healthy Weight Management.*
Promotes Restful Sleep.*
Healthy Serotonin Levels.*
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Product Description
5-hydroxy tryptamine (5-HTP) is a chemical neurotransmitter obtained from the decarboxylation and hydroxylation of an amino acid (l-tryptophan). It obtained on a commercial basis from the mature seed of African Plant(Griffonia simplicifolia). 5-HTP is obtained from the seed of a plant that is native to West and Central Africa. The woody plant is about 10 feet tall, flanked by green flowers and black pods.

Indigenous people have used this plant for various traditional reasons like the promotion of normal gastro-intestinal functions in people with diarrhea and other psycho-related problems before the advancement in science. 5-HTP has a chemical formula of C11 H12 N2 O3 and a molecular mass of 220, its chemical name is 2-amino-3-(5-hydroxy-1H-indol-3-yl)propanoic acid.[2] The compound has been reported to help promote sleep and other neuro-related functions. Evidence presents that the plant extract can boosts the serotonin level in the body, thereby supporting a healthy body mood.[1].

The extract has also been found to cause some mild side effects like nausea, drowsiness, and reduced libido [4]. The majority of the excellent benefits of 5-HTP lies in the ability to be converted to serotonin. Though the extract has many potential benefits, it is yet to be certified by the FDA due to low-quality clinical studies [3}.  
Product Benefits
Over time there has been a surge in the use of 5-HTP extract for various health reasons. The extract is being sold in various forms. Below are the benefits of 5-HTP

Restful Sleep

American sleep association (ASA) estimates that 50-70 million American adults have a sleep disorder. The 5-HTP extract is a precursor of serotonin and melatonin which are known to improve sleep.5-HTP at a dose of 50mg or less can improve Rapid eye movement(REM) sleep. The depth of REM is dose-dependent.[6]. The packaged extracts are being sold as dietary supplements in various supermarkets at different strengths such as 50mg,150mg,200mg. A combination of 5-HTP with GABA (Amino acid extract) have a significant role in decreasing sleep latency, thereby improving the quality of sleep. [2]

Mood Support

300 million people have been estimated to be depressed worldwide (WHO,2017),this has made people turn to Complementary and alternative Medicine for solution in the US. In a study, 5-HTP extract formulated in an extended-release manner can enhance the mood in people who have been reported to be resistant to depression treatment. The slow-released formulated 5-HTP extract could improve the condition of people that have been diagnosed with Obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD)[7]. 5-HTP can bring about mood-boosting when used with other neurotransmitters. Regular daily intake of 50-100mg three times daily of the extract could give beneficial mood enhancement if taken in a week [2]. 5-HTP is a natural mood booster and by extension discourage processes that leads to pain.

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea are common side effects, while headache and insomnia are uncommon side effects associated with 5-HTP [8]. Though several studies have suggested that that the extract could help support a healthy mood. Still, most of those researches are usually carried out on a small scale; to fully uphold the effectiveness of 5-HTP, it will be better that more quality research is done [9].

Head Calming

Migraine occurs in 4% of the adult population worldwide (WHO, headache facts,Migraine2015). Before now, the cause(s) of migraine is yet unknown, but with the advancement in technology,it was reported that a decrease in the level of 5-HTP(serotonin precursor) could lead to migraine attacks amongst other causes[10]. 5-HTP plays a significant role in the reduction of the Migraine. A Davalos, F Titus in a research carried observed that 5-HTP extract produced an improvement in 75% of the patient (migraineur) with minimal side effect by increasing serotonin level in the brain [11]

Joint Aches & Pains

2-8% of the world population suffers from a high level of pain. Serotonin depletion has been implicated to be one of the causes of the pain. The 5-HTP extract has been reported to effectively boosts the serotonin level in the body, consequently supporting the process that leads pain reief[12].

Weight Management

5-HTP through chemical processes produces serotonin which supports the serotonin level in the brain. Serotonin gives a sense of fullness, thereby reducing your appetite. In a research study, it was observed that tryptophan, converted to 5-HTP affects gastric emptying and eating appetite [13]. Currently, there is insufficient evidence, but 5-HTP has been reported to have an anxiolytic effect.
Nutritional Profile
5-HTP may not be obtained directly from food, but one can get tryptophan, which is converted to 5-HTP and then serotonin. Diet rich in tryptophan are: Seeds and nuts, Bananas, Soya beans, Cheese & Fish.
While Super Food Health Store strives to ensure the accuracy of its product images and information, some manufacturing changes to packaging and/or ingredients may be pending update on our site. Although items may occasionally ship with alternate packaging, freshness is always guaranteed. We recommend that you read labels, warnings and directions of all products before use and not rely solely on the information provided by Super Food Health Store or any other health advice, information or independent product reviews.

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Suggested Use
Always consult with your doctor or health professional before changing your health regime.

It is advisable not to take the extract with other anti-depressants. If taken together, it can lead to a surge in serotonin level resulting in anxiety, heart problems, etc.

It would be best if you do not take the extract and carbidopa together; it can lead to severe anxiety issues. Also, avoid taking the extract with sedatives like lorazepam, diazepam as these might depress the central nervous system further.    
Interactions & Warnings
Always consult with your doctor or health professional before changing your health regime.
Shelf Life
2 Years from Date of Manufacture.
Use a sealed container to store this product in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct light and moisture. Once the package is opened, it must be re-sealed and used within 6 months.



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