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Biotanica, Cistanche Root, Premium Phenylethanoid Glycoside Extract

Biotanica, Cistanche Root, Premium Phenylethanoid Glycoside Extract

Biotanica, Cistanche Root, Phenylethanoid Extract - boosts immune system - libido & stamina - enhanced memory support - healthy kidney function.*

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Wellness benefits at a glance:
Boosts Immune System*
Libido & Stamina Support*
Enhanced Memory Support*
Healthy Kidney Function*
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Superfood Health Store Customer
Cistanche works!!!
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on February 26 2020 | Verified Purchase
Arrived quickly and I really rate this herb.
Superfood Health Store Customer
Fast delivery and great product!
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on February 05 2020 | Verified Purchase
Delivery was very fast, and your products are powerful!
Superfood Health Store Customer
Highly Recommend Cistanche
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on February 03 2020 | Verified Purchase
Lives up to all the internet hype!!!
Superfood Health Store Customer
Cistanche Review
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on December 25 2019 | Verified Purchase
Excellent supplement!
Superfood Health Store Customer
Helps with sustained energy
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on November 12 2019 | Verified Purchase
Feel more energized both at work and at play :-)
Product Description
Cistanche species is a rare wild Chinese herb known as Rou Cong-Rong. Legends state that the roots and stems of a desert plant called Cistanche tubulosa (also known as Rou Cong Rong in Chinese Medicine) were used not only to support virility but to also directly support the quality of an erection. *
In the 10th century, a Chinese doctor invented many formulas for supporting optimal libido and activity in men. Each of the formulas contained more than 80% of this herb. *
In the legendary story of the "Battle of Thirteen Wings", Genghis Khan intended to unite Mongolia under one rule but his army was ambushed and felt exhausted and discouraged. All of a sudden, his army was attacked by white horses which came from the sky. His army started cutting the throats of the white horses and from the blood that stained the ground, Cistanche tubulosa was formed. *
This battle was seen as a sign from God that Khan's army would be victorious. According to this legend, Genghis Khan consumed this desert plant daily after the battle. *
As a result of his consumption of this unusual herb plant, his virility was said to have increased significantly. According to this legend, it is said that 8% of Asia's population are his direct descendants. According to this, and following today's population, it means that 1 out of 200 people in China is a direct descendant of Genghis Khan. *
Cistanche is a perennial parasite herb, associated with the roots of sand-fixing plants commonly seen in the arid lands and warm deserts of Northwestern China and other countries such as India, Iran, and Mongolia [1]. Cistanche is traditionally used in Chinese medicine as a tonic to support healthy kidneys, male function, and fertility in women as well as promoting healthy bowel movements[2]. Among all the tonics in Chinese medicine, Cistanche is extensively believed as the most important one and has even been given the name "Ginseng of the deserts". It includes 22 species, but only 4 species, Cistanche deserticola, C. tubulosa, C. salsa and C. sinensis are believed to be beneficial for our health. Several compounds from these 4 species are found to support healthy aging and help in increasing libido in both men and women. Echinacoside and acteoside, which are two major compounds of phenylethanoid glycosides of Cistanche plant were found to possibly possess abundant wellness promoting activities. *
Product Benefits
Modern pharmacological studies say that Cistanche possesses broad health benefits including, neuroprotection, antioxidation, liver health, immunomodulation, male function and bone health [3]. *
  • Among the species, Cistanche salsa may possess the most significant anti-aging properties. The anti-aging property is mainly attributed because of phenylethanoid glycosides and its components such as echinacoside, acteoside, isoacteoside and tubuloside [4]. They may help keep neuronal cells alive by maintaining proper mitochondrial function, improves the degradation of ROS, increase the expression of the anti-apoptotic protein Bcl-2 and inhibit caspase-3 activity through an antioxidative mechanism [5]. *
  • Aging in humans is associated with chronic low-grade cell degradation (systemic) state characterized by an increase in pro-inflammatory markers. Cistanche's active constituents showed remarkable support for healthy cell function, characterized by a significant reduction in markers such as myeloperoxidase, extracellular nucleosomes, high-mobility group box 1, cytokines; It also supports lipopolysaccharide-induced acute liver health. Acteoside and echinacoside are the main compounds that have healthy cell promoting properties and help support a healthy liver [6, 7]. *
  • One of the most challenging properties of health remedies is the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier freely. Cistanche may cross the blood-brain barrier easily, proving its potential in supporting brain health [8]. It increases expression of brain glial cells and supports cognitive function. *
  • The gradual loss of cognition is one of the main characteristics of aging. It is recorded that Cistanche could enhance the ability of learning and memorising [9] [10]. *
  • Cistanche could be used as a specific immunostimulatory adjuvant supporting healthy cell formation. Echinacoside exhibited an inhibitory effect on prostate cancer cell proliferation and suppressed the proliferation of pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells [12]. Immunomodulatory and anti-neoplastic effects of Cistanche are studied intensively. Acteoside of Cistanche is a potent immune support with extensive effects on immune organs, immune cells, and immune factors. [11]. *
  • Studies found that polysaccharides from Cistanche deserticola have an anti-hyperglycemic and hypolipidemic effect. Acteoside, acquired from the aqueous ethanol extract of the roots of Cistanche tubulosa, was involved in regulating the hypocholesterolemic activity and significantly improves the glucose tolerance in starch-loaded animal model experiment [13, 14]. Cistanche tubulosa has potent aldose reductase inhibitory activity and could significantly suppress elevated fasting blood glucose, postprandial blood glucose levels, improve insuIin resistance and dyslipidemia, as well as suppress body weight loss [15]. *
  • Cistanche violacea, a widespread bush found in Northern Africa, has remarkable bone support properties [16].
  • A recent study has demonstrated that an ethanol extract of C. tubulosa could increase hormone levels by inducing testicular steroidogenic enzymes [17]. The aphrodisiac mechanisms mainly because of acetosides and echinacoside. The acteoside of C. tubulosa enhances penis erection, increases the number of germ cells, and improves pathological changes in the testes [18]. Echinacoside possesses vaso-relaxing activity and has a positive effect on male hormone production [19]. Phenylethanoid Glycosides of Cistanche has shown significant improvement in hormones and has restored healthy function of the uterus. *
  • This "Desert ginseng" regular consumption is believed to be the key of people's longevity in some regions of China and Japan that were known for longevity and oasis [20]. More than ten percent of people suffer from at least one episode of depression and related mental disorders in a lifetime, and depression and related mental disorders are one of the world's greatest public health problems. The herb Cistanche showed potential to be used as a healthy mood support aid [21]. *
  • Hair health has decreased recently even in young people, seriously affecting individuals' quality of life. Cistanche tubulosa, a promising substance for promoting the health of the scalp and hair, at appropriate doses and ratios [22]. *
Nutritional Profile
Totally, 25 volatile compounds were identified in the essential oil of the Cistanche. Among them, 14-methylpentadecanoate (14%), ethyl palmitate (13%), and 2,5,6-trimethyloctane (8%) are the active and major constituents. In addition to that alkanes, alcohols, aldehydes, and heterocyclics were detected, and palmitic acid, linoleic acid, 14-methylpentadecanoate, ethyl palmitate, and 2,5,6-trimethyloctane were identified. Phenylethanoid glycosides, iridoids, lignans, alditols, oligosaccharides, cistanosides, and polysaccharides were the main constituents. 34 Phenylethanoid glycosides, 22 disaccharide glycosides, 10 trisaccharide glycosides, and 2 monosaccharide glycosides have been isolated in Cistanche. Small amounts of phenolic glycosides, sterols and their glycosides, fatty acids, amino acids, and trace elements, are also present in Cistanche.
While Super Food Health Store strives to ensure the accuracy of its product images and information, some manufacturing changes to packaging and/or ingredients may be pending update on our site. Although items may occasionally ship with alternate packaging, freshness is always guaranteed. We recommend that you read labels, warnings and directions of all products before use and not rely solely on the information provided by Super Food Health Store or any other health advice, information or independent product reviews.
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Supplement Facts
Serving Size:
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value
100 mg
** Daily value not established.

Suggested Use
The recommended dosage for this extract is 100mg daily.
Interactions & Warnings
Always consult with your doctor or health professional before changing your health regime.
Shelf Life
2 Years from Date of Manufacture.
Use a sealed container to store this product in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct light and moisture. Once the package is opened, it must be re-sealed and used within 6 months.



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