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Biotanica, Grape Seed, Premium PCO Phytosome Extract

Biotanica, Grape Seed, Premium PCO Phytosome Extract

Biotanica, Grape Seed, Premium PCO Phytosome Extract - assists cell production - cardiovascular health - metabolism - assists natural healing.*

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Wellness benefits at a glance:
Assists Cell Production*
Cardiovascular Health*
Improves Metabolism*
Assists Natural Healing*
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Our Biotanica, Grape Seed, Premium PCO Phytosome Extract Is:

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100% Natural

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Superfood Health Store Customer
Seems ok
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on March 29 2020 | Verified Purchase
No immediate benefits felt.
Superfood Health Store Customer
Took for candida
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on March 22 2020 | Verified Purchase
I was recommended to try this supplement to help with my candida. It works.
Superfood Health Store Customer
Excellent health supplement
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on March 19 2020 | Verified Purchase
I'm only buying from your website now. iHerb was my go to, but your products are better.
Superfood Health Store Customer
Ok. Might try lower dosage.
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on March 09 2020 | Verified Purchase
Ok. Going to try a lower dosage as seems to stimulate me.
Superfood Health Store Customer
Potent Grape seed extract
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on March 07 2020 | Verified Purchase
I got this for my son's ADHD. It has really helped him!
Superfood Health Store Customer
Best Grape Seed Powder
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on March 06 2020 | Verified Purchase
Good price and the research suggests this is a good antioxidant to take.
Superfood Health Store Customer
Grape Seed
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on February 25 2020 | Verified Purchase
Superfood Health Store Customer
Good antioxidant
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on February 12 2020 | Verified Purchase
Meant to be a great source of antioxidants.
Superfood Health Store Customer
I love your extracts
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on February 06 2020 | Verified Purchase
Best quality and lowest prices online.
Superfood Health Store Customer
Quality without compromise.
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on January 29 2020 | Verified Purchase
Seems very high quality extract.
Superfood Health Store Customer
Top quality, but delivery took a little longer.
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on January 27 2020 | Verified Purchase
Delivery took a while but your products are high quality.
Superfood Health Store Customer
Grape Seed Extract Review
Posted by Superfood Health Store Customer on January 08 2020 | Verified Purchase
Will purchase again. I like the taste.
Product Description
Grape Seed Extract is a product derived from the seeds of red wine grapes.  

Our Grape seed extract is extremely rich in antioxidants (oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes). The extract has been used for a long time touting many health benefits including supporting health oxidation, infection symptoms, and healthy bowel movements.Although the extract is well known, it is still fairly new to nations like the U.S. *
Product Benefits
In addition to the many traditional benefits that Grape Seed Extract is believed to have, studies have been conducted to clearly determine the various benefits this super extract contains. We will introduce you to the benefits and the reasoning behind consuming the Grape Seed 95% Extract including supporting health blood pressure, cognitive function, inflammation, healthy immune system and gut health. *
  • Healthy Blood Pressure. Grape Seed extract has the ability to support healthy blood pressure. A study conducted on humans with an above average vascular risk showed that intake of Grape Seed extract contributed to the improvement of flow-mediated dilation [8]. This was by a margin of 1.1% on the control group. The extract was also discovered to support blood pressure in individuals with metabolic syndrome. Our extract is rich in antioxidants (such as linoleic acid, phenolic procyanidins and flavonoids) that will help to protect your blood vessels from damage [8][9]. This, in turn, will help support healthy blood pressure.
  • The extract has also been found to help with the dilation of blood vessels. Pre-hypertensive individuals also showed an improvement in their blood pressure after consuming the extract. This suggests that this super extract can help to support healthy blood pressure.*
  • Cognitive Function. Grape Seed extract has been found to support brain amyloid cells [5]. This improves our cognition and is also linked to a healthy memory and recall in rats. The study was conducted on female rats and it further shoed that the extract was able to support healthy glucose levels, hydrogen peroxide and cellular damage. In turn, the extract will increase the level of good compounds such as the sulfhydryl content in the hippocampus [5]. The cognitive ability of the rats was also greatly boosted. This shows that the extract will also help support cognitive function as we age [5].
  • In the occurrence of high nitric oxide (NO), the extract was able to protect the astroglial cells. These are cells found in our glutathione reserves and are normally protected against H2O2- mediated damage.*
  • Health Cell Replication. Grape Seeds contain proanthocyanidins, an important compound in the the support of healthy cell replication [6]. A study published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research discovered that Grape Seeds can support the health of skin cells. This study involved the use of hairless mice to test the ability of Grape Seed proanthocyanidins in slowing down the formation of healthy cell masses on the skin. The conclusion reached was that Grape Seed extracts could be useful in the attenuation of UV-induced health effects on human skin [3].
  • Studies conducted on cells indicated that the Grape Seed extract was able to assist in the management of healthy cell replication. The extract was also able to aid in the apoptosis (death of cells) to furtner support cell health. Another study that involved head and neck squamous cell carcinomas deduced that the use of the extract aided in the management of damaged DNA and induced cell death to maintain healthy cell health [3][4].*
  • Flammation Homeostasis. Studies conducted to determine the presence of pro-calming properties in grape Seed extract discovered that this extract potently provide a pro-calming response in LPS-stimulated macrophages [2][6]. Another study was conducted with rats on a high-fat diet. Grape Seed extract helped manage their blood sugar levels and also improved pro-calming markers in white fat tissue.
  • In human macrophages stimulated by LPS, our extract was found to support a pro-calming response [2]. In astrocytes, the levels of beneficial cytokines were increased after intake of the extract. When neural cells were challenged with H2O2, the extract prompted a pro-calming response [1][2].*
  • Stomach Health. A rat model with IBS was fed with Grape Seed extract and it was discovered that stomach health were greatly improved after a certain period [7]. Grape Seed extract was also able to protect and improve the condition of the intestines in terms of goblet cell density and the decrease of claudin 2. The extract was able to support a healthy gut flora in rats with IBS. It was also able to support a healthy bacteroid count in both samples of diseased and healthy rats [7]. Lactobacilli count was also restored.
  • At lower doses, this super extract was found to effectively support stomach health in people with stomach ulcers [1]. Intestinal tight junction proteins also showed improvement as a result of this extract. The fecal levels of calprotectin (a marker of intestinal challenges) were also well supported.*
While Super Food Health Store strives to ensure the accuracy of its product images and information, some manufacturing changes to packaging and/or ingredients may be pending update on our site. Although items may occasionally ship with alternate packaging, freshness is always guaranteed. We recommend that you read labels, warnings and directions of all products before use and not rely solely on the information provided by Super Food Health Store or any other health advice, information or independent product reviews.
  1. Saito, M., Hosoyama, H., Ariga, T., Kataoka, S., & Yamaji, N. (1998). Antiulcer activity of grape seed extract and procyanidins. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 46(4), 1460-1464.
  2. Jayaprakasha, G. K., Singh, R. P., & Sakariah, K. K. (2001). Antioxidant activity of grape seed (Vitis vinifera) extracts on peroxidation models in vitro. Food chemistry, 73(3), 285-290.
  3. Kaur, M., Agarwal, C., & Agarwal, R. (2009). Anticancer and cancer chemopreventive potential of grape seed extract and other grape-based products. The Journal of nutrition, 139(9), 1806S-1812S.
  4. Kaur, M., Singh, R. P., Gu, M., Agarwal, R., & Agarwal, C. (2006). Grape seed extract inhibits in vitro and in vivo growth of human colorectal carcinoma cells. Clinical Cancer Research, 12(20), 6194-6202.
  5. Wang, J., Ho, L., Zhao, W., Ono, K., Rosensweig, C., Chen, L., ... & Pasinetti, G. M. (2008). Grape-derived polyphenolics prevent oligomerization and attenuate cognitive deterioration in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. Journal of Neuroscience, 28(25), 6388-6392.
  6. Devi, S. A., Chandrasekar, B. S., Manjula, K., & Ishii, N. (2011). Grape seed proanthocyanidin lowers brain oxidative stress in adult and middle-aged rats. Experimental gerontology, 46(11), 958-964.
  7. Yazbeck, R., & Howarth, G. S. (2009). Complementary medicines: emerging therapies for intestinal mucositis. Cancer biology & therapy, 8(17), 1629-1631.
  8. Sivaprakasapillai, B., Edirisinghe, I., Randolph, J., Steinberg, F., & Kappagoda, T. (2009). Effect of grape seed extract on blood pressure in subjects with the metabolic syndrome. Metabolism, 58(12), 1743-1746.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size:
TAKE 100 - 300mg DAILY.
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value
100 mg
** Daily value not established.

Suggested Use
The recommended dosage for this extract is 100 - 300 mg daily.
Interactions & Warnings
Grape Seed extract may sometimes act as an anticoagulant. The University of Maryland Medical Center conducted a study which discovered that the extract can act as a blood thinner. Therefore, there is a high chance of increased bleeding if taken in combination with blood-thinners such as warfa**n or aspirin. Pregnant women should also avoid the use of this extract as studies on it have yet to be completed.Always consult with your doctor or health professional before changing your health regime.
Shelf Life
2 Years from Date of Manufacture.
Use a sealed container to store this product in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct light and moisture. Once the package is opened, it must be re-sealed and used within 6 months.



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